Right Angle A to Right Angle B Male USB Device Cable, USB Device Cable WHITE 1ft., 2ft and 3ft. From $1.99

USB 2.0 A to B Right Angle Cables

ARBR Series Low Profile Right Angle USB 2.0 Cable, WHITE 1, 2 and 3ft, USB Type A Male to USB Type B Male Device Cable Right Angle A to Right Anlge B Connector

200px-USB-HighSpeed-certified-Logo usb right angle B connector and USB right angle A connector

 Foil and Braid Flexible 28/28AWG USB Shielded High Speed Cable 2.0 Revision 28AWG/1P+28AWG/2C AWM 2725 80c 30V VW-1 E156135 RoHS

Standard USB A to B Cable for Connecting USB Devices to USB Computers.

USB A to B Device Cable for Connecting USB Cameras, USB Printers, USB Hard Drives, USB Adapters, USB Switches, USB Scanners, USB Everything

USB 2.0 AM/BM, UL 2725, 28/24These very same cables sell in retail stores for $19.99 each and more, but you can buy one of ours for much less.Don't be fooled by cheaper cables that claim they are USB 2.0 compatible. Our cables are Fully Certified USB 2.0 and they are the best Cables Money Can Buy!Poor quality cabling is a leading cause of USB 2.0 device failure and poor performance

USB 2.0 is peripheral bus standard that brings plug and play of computer peripherals outside the box, eliminating the need install cards into dedicated computer slots and reconfigure the system. Personal computers equipped with USB 2.0 will allow computer peripherals to be automatically configured as soon as they are physically attached - without the need to reboot or run setup. USB 2.0 will also allow multiple devices - up to 127 - to run simultaneously on a computer, with peripherals such as monitors and keyboards acting as additional plug-in sites, or hubs.

all usbcables that we sell are RoHS compliant

USBCables.com USB 2.0 Cables 1ft , 2ft. and 3ft. Long WHITE Color A to B Device Cable

1ft. USB A to B WHITE Device Cable USB 2.0

1-10pcs. $1.99

1.Ft Long

Qty.10+ $1.86 20+ $1.85 100+ $1.84



2ft. USB A to B WHITE Device Cable USB 2.0

1-10pcs. $2.99

2.Ft Long

Qty.10+ $1.96 20+ $1.85 100+ $1.84




3ft. USB A to B WHITE Device Cable USB 2.0

1-10pcs. $3.99

3.Ft Long

Qty.10+ $1.96 20+ $1.85 100+ $1.84




white usb a to b device cable with right angle connectors technical drawing for usb cables


USB 2.0 High-Speed Very Flexible Device Cable

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